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Mother Mary, June 30 (Text + Audio)

Dear ones,

On June 30, Mother Mary had a beautiful message for humanity. She also gave us a very important meditation which helps us to feel so much love. You can also feel the energies, by listening to the audio, below.


My beloved children, Good Evening!

I’m Mother Mary talking to you. It’s now been a long time that we didn’t talk with each other, but as you notice, it was necessary.
It was necessary to make you awake and be aware of your own responsibility.

You just can’t sit down and open your hands only for receiving. First, you have to give. You have to give your own will and your efforts on having a higher vibration. And so now it’s possible to receive, to receive the gifts of heaven. Because now I’m talking to you from heaven. You see, we are all quite near to God.

Quite near to his essence. And sometimes when people are ready to receive these energies, we take them into our realms and bring them near to God. And when they are ready for it, really ready, they will merge with God. This can happen even to you. So, do your meditations, and your dreams will become true. To feel one with GOD. We’ll take you here into our realms and bring you to him.

This moment, you will not forget. There’s nothing higher than this. Well, just being God himself, maybe. So do your steps, do your meditations. And then we will find out how far it will take you. Everything is possible. And we too merge with God from time to time and today, it’s been some people from Inner Earth and the Founder coming to us and merging with God.

Even for them, it’s their highest wish to do such a thing. And it’s available for everyone.
So my dear children, now, I want to offer you to do a meditation together. As far as I notice, you are already relaxed, but please again turn your muscles to relax. Close your eyes, and go into your heart.

Feel love.
Feel love for yourself, for humanity, and send it out.
Go deeper and deeper into your heart while emanating all your love.
Deeper and deeper and deeper.
There’s so much love.

And again, go deeper and deeper and deeper.
Now, you come to a point where you see a small light. Have a look at that light, and as much as you focus on it, it’s growing.
It’s growing, growing, growing, and have a look, it’s growing, growing even more.
What is this light?
It’s your connection to God.

Sometimes this connection is buried so deep, you have to dig for it.
And this is what you did. You dig for your connection to God, and in the end, you found it. Very deep inside you.
Wouldn’t it be nice to bring it to the surface, and to look at it the whole day.?
To notice that connection to God the whole day long?
So focus on it. Remember during your day time, that you are connected with God, as a part of God, that you always are. You have to remember it.

Then, there will be a flow of huge energy, so much love, and you will feel God’s love within you. You don’t have to go to a faraway place. No.
Just inside you, there’s everything available.
So, remember, remember who you are, and find that point, that light, and let it grow.

Don’t bury it again.
Enjoy that light. Enjoy being God.
Everything around you will look beautiful.
Everything will look in a different light.
So much beauty, around you.

Have a look at nature, at birds, flowers, at the grass, at trees.
Everything is looking different.
The sky, everything, even the people.
When you focus on that light, everything will turn to its best.
You see God.
It’s everywhere. Even in the smallest insect.

So, my dear friends, have another view on everything around you. See that point of light within everything and everyone.
They are all connected with God.
They are a part of God. You are surrounded by God.

Isn’t that nice, beautiful.
Could you dream about anything more beautiful?
Love is all around you, there is a song with these words.
It’s true, you just have to notice that love.

Now dear ones, keep this in your mind, keep this in your heart, and keep that feeling of love. There is nothing else than love.

My dear children, I bless you in the name of God. I sent you all my love, and I will always be with you.

I want to take you into my arms and hug your whole day time, and when you go to sleep, I will hug you. Just think about me, call me and I will be there.
Have a nice meeting, good night.”


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