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Aura Cleaning

What Includes:


Detecting and removing blockages from the main 7 chakras.

Outer Chakras

Detecting and removing blockages from the outer chakras: hands, feet, knees, hips, thymus etc.


The “snake” in the root chakra may have blockages too.

Soul shape, Soul essence

Soul shape/ soul essence: the soul-shape is our energetic structure independent from all times, dimensions and incarnations. It is our true form of existence.

Mental and Manifested blockages

Mental blockages can be created through fear, anger, guilt, etc. which can be the cause of many illnesses

Blueprint Healing Work

Removing blockages from the blueprint

Retrieval of split-off soul parts

When one is having an accident or is going through a traumatic experience, soul parts are split off. This process of retrieval helps to be complete.

Cell Cleaning

Cleaning dark energies out of the cells.

Karmic Level

Karmic deaths as death through fire or water for example.

Energy Channels and Elements

Cleansing the energy channels and bringing back all the split-off elements in the flower of life above the head

Meridian Activation

Meridians are the main channels for life energy (Chi,Qi/Prana) in the human body.

Spiritual transfer of healing energy when is needed

During and after the cleaning most people feel balanced, free, and happy. Your skin color might change after the retrieval of your soul parts. Your vibration is much higher and you absorb more light. A clean aura is a step to being healthy.


Spiritual healing serves to activate self-healing powers and does not replace the diagnosis and treatment of a doctor or alternative practitioner.

Start your healing now.

Note that I can energetically clean your house and send healing energy to, your pets too with the help of the angels.

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