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Angelic Healings

It is time for you to heal and grow.

Spiritual Path

The spiritual world is deeply interested in the development and support of humanity. Do you feel the wish for intensified spiritual growth? Do you want to do steps for leaving behind your blockages?


Maybe you don’t know how to transform negative thoughts that are lowering your life quality. Aura cleaning in cooperation with the angels is a way to support you on your path to find new perspectives.

Healing and Growth

I am connected with Archangel Michael and other (Arch)angels and together, we release blockages from the aura to activate self healing powers.

Today is a day, when maybe you are wondering “What is the purpose of my life?” This question is easily to be answered: Be what you are, as God created you. Everything about you is divine. God in his infinite love, created men to experience himself. As a part of God ‘s infinite love, be this love radiating it wherever you go. That is the purpose of your life! My blessings!



My name is Cornelia Hiemer. For more than 30 years I have been clairvoyant and clairaudient and I practice angelic healing for about 10 years…

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