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My Soul – chnneling and energies (Text+Audio)

Good evening dear friends, I am the soul of Cornelia speaking to you.

I greet you, it’s a pleasure to be with you again. Today I send you mostly energies as we have a beautiful experience together.

While I send you these energies I will take you on a journey that you will enjoy. It will be a beautiful journey together as One. Please imagine taking one of my hands, follow me, and feel the source of these energies that you are receiving now.

So let’s move to the place where all these energies are coming from, to the origin where they are growing in the forms of huge waves of energy. We are still moving, enjoy these energies, and feel that you’re having more fun and joy while your mood is changing.

You feel so full of light, so full of love, you feel so much gratitude. You wish to embrace the world and universe because you are happy. This is life, this is love, this is light coming directly from the source. What else do you wish for your life? We are all still moving to the source of all these energies.

They are getting stronger and stronger, Don’t stop, just continue walking towards the light, the light is growing so much. Maybe you notice you don’t have any pain anymore. They just dissolve, they have been transformed into energy, you are now pure energy. You are still moving as these energies move towards you.

You embrace these pure energies, this pure light, and eternal love. When You move forward more and more searching for the source of that love. Dear ones maybe you already know where you are, you know that place. You know that place within you, you know that connection.

You don’t have to leave the place where you are living when you just go into your heart and feel love the way you did it just now you find the source and the God within you. You don’t have to look elsewhere, everything is there already available inside you.

As a piece of God that you are, you don’t have to look externally for God. You are God, you are a child of God, God is always within you. When you look for God go into your heart, search for that love and light, and feel gratitude.

This love will never end, you can’t leave God, never. He’s always with you, he’s in your heart. So, my dear children, my dear friends enjoy these energies. The source of it is within you, this love will never end, don’t forget.

I bless you all in the name of God!

Good evening, good night!


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