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Mother Mary Channeling 19th of May 2020 (Text+Audio)

“Good evening my dear friends on Earth, my dear children on Earth. I am mother Mary sending you my energies, My infinite love. My children, I don’t want to talk so much, you already noticed. What else can I tell you, just saying I love you.

So please start loving your friends, your neighbors, and all of humanity, sending Them your love. To remind them we are all one, all ONE on this Earth. We all belong together, we are one. So send out YOUR LOVE.

I will support you to feel your heart, to send out that love, and to feel that love inside you.

You just have to open to remove the blockages, thinking that You’re hurt because you experienced that so many times.

Forget about being hurt!

When you are in your heart sending out love nothing can hurt you, nothing. This love will protect you, it’s the highest vibration in the universe, what can hurt your love?

When you feel hurt maybe it’s your ego, when you think about it. Stay in your heart and feel love. My dear children I bless you in the name of God, I will be with you all day-and-night. I send you my love and energies. I take my leave but I am still with you. Goodnight my dear ones!”


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